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Nice colour

Nice, bright colour with gold specks. The formula is very thin so may need three coats. However, thicker polish never lasts long and this lasted me a week which is extremely long for me.

Best white nail polish

It lasted 4 days without chipping and then it started cracking as light polish usually does. That’s the longest a white polish has lasted for me. Bonus that it’s non toxic as I’m allergic to regular polish.

Best white nail polish I’ve used

It lasted 4 days without chipping and then it started to crack like light nail polish usually does. That’s the longest a nail polish has lasted for me in a long time. Will be buying more soon!


Lovely non-toxic nail polish I will be buying more from this company over others in the future

Big Spender
Gillian Warburton
Gold gold gold!!

Colour stays true and doesn’t fade or look dull. Best nail polish I’ve ever had! And 12 free so doesn’t cause any skin reactions like others have caused me. Just the best!!!!

First Love
Kate Bannister
Very good product

Lovely colours which are pretty true to the web images

Abigail Elshaw
First Order

I am pleased so far. The colour comes out a little paler than I was expecting, but it's nice and doesn't chip - that in itself is better than usual for me. I like the fact this product doesn't have all the nasty chemicals, but it's a little pricey - we'll see how long the bottle lasts.

Cloud 9
Cloud 9

Lovely natural colour that lasts and lasts.

Wow - Love this nail varnish!

Love the design of the bottle and floral packaging...the brush is great brush too! My nails were really weak after years of having nail overlays but delighted to see a vast improvement after using this varnish for only a few days! Will be buying this again!

Blue Me Away
Helen Paisley
Glad I found this

Normally I wear very classic nail colours (I'm 40 - not a teenager), but I saw a photo online of someone wearing a similar colour to this and it looked great. I searched Cienna Rose to find a colour match and this was it. It goes on well and looks great - it's a beautiful, rich, gemstone turquoise. Fun without being trashy.

Love this!

This is a brilliant little nail saviour. Perfect for when I can't decide what colour to put on my toenails or simply need a layer or 2 to make them acceptable in public! So subtle and elegant. This is now my go to neutral nail polish as well as a great base coat (bonus!).

Tickled pink

Love the colour perfect for summer

Bed of Roses
C. Staff
Super colours

I love that these. Ail varnishes are friendlier to my nails, and I love the subtle sparkly colours - wish they’d do more lighter blue sparkly colours,

Off the Market
Off The Market - The shimmer topper I'd been looking for!

I bought this because it looked like a really pretty nude to make a change from Sandstorm (which I love!).

Sadly when I applied it I couldn't help but think it gave me 'smoker's nails'. It just didn't suit my skin tone :(

However, following another customer's comment in her review, I tried it as a topper & oh my goodness!! NOW I'm happy!! It's the shimmer topper I'd been looking for for so long. It looks lovely over yellow, pastels & any shades of pink or mauve. It gives you the look of a different nail polish without having to buy it! I'm looking forward to trying it over different colours!!! :)

Pinking About You
Melissa Alder

I love that this nail polish is non-toxic and I love the colour. It was thin and easy to apply not gloopy at all . The packaging is really pretty and I love the shape of the bottle.

Rainbow Snow
Anita Star
Vegan glitter polish that stays!

Love the fact this stuff is vegan & works just as well as the polishes that aren’t. Not sure glitter is the right way to go if you want to save the planet but I ignored my morals & was not disappointed with this lovely stuff :)

Lacquer Fix top coar

Love this top coat, very fast drying and seems to make the colour stay fresh looking for longer.

Cruelty free varnish that lasts!

Until now I had not found a cruelty free range of nail polish that did my peel off almost immediately, so amazing to find this. And such wonderful colours too!

Under the Stars
Lynsey Hutchinson
Gorgeous colour!

Love the colour & glitter. Lasted well with only one coat on toe nails for a week.

Non toxic nail polish

Had been searching for a while to find a non toxic brand as I suffer with allergies to certain ingredients. This polish ticks all the boxes. No reactions, beautiful colour, lasts for weeks on my toes. I don’t use on my finger nails so can’t comment on that. Will most certainly be trying some other colours!

Jodie Quinn

I love the blue sparkly one I've just added to my collection =). Cienna Rose never ceases to amaze me!

Happily Ever After
Angie Robinson
Happily ever after nail lacquer

I bought this nail lacquer for my daughter to try. She suddenly became allergic to gel and acrilycs then also everyday nail polish! Her nails were in a bad state as she also was a nail bitter! So far she has had no problems using this product. She loves the colour and said she will buy more

Cloud 9
Elaine Baker
Nail varnish

Nice nail varnish, needs a couple of coats. Nice gloss finish. But colour looked different online. I’m struggling with online nail varnish colours.

Beach, please
A New Favourite! (Beach Please)

The first time I wore this I knew straight away that I loved it! So much so that I went & ordered another one within days! It's a lovely blue-grey but the shimmer really sets it apart from just another grey or blue polish. It's really lovely! :)