Non Toxic Nail Polish

There are so many dangerous ingredients in traditional Nail Lacquers with so many scary associated risks that need to be avoided! Dealing with some of the more serious culprits, research shows that Formaldehyde can cause asthma and irritation of the eyes, nose and throat.  Camphor, the property which, makes nail polish glossy, has been linked to gastric irritation, nausea and dizziness when inhaled.  Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), plasticiser used to make Nail Polish more flexible and stop it thinning has been linked to reproductive abnormalities.  Toulene, the ingredient used to give Nail Polish a smooth finish can cause headaches and dizziness.  Formaldehyde Resin, the property used to improve durability is a known skin allergen.

12 Free Nail Polish

A non toxic nail polish is one that excludes the dangerous toxins in traditional Nail Products. They are also referred to as “Free from Nail Polishes,’ ‘safer nail polish,’ ‘toxin free nail polish’ or ‘3 free’, ‘5 free,’ 7 free’ or ‘9 free non toxic nail polishes,’ which refers to the number of dangerous toxins that are not included in the products. All of our non toxic nail polishes and nail care treatments use a 12 free formula meaning they do not contain 12 of the toxins that are found in the majority of nail products on the market.